Backwash Instruction and Manual Filter Cleaning

Backwash Instructions

If pressure on filter is 30lbs or higher, the filter needs to be backwashed.


Every time the filter is backwashed, D.E. powder must be added to the pool skimmer as soon as filtering begins.

  1. Turn system power off (pump no longer circulating water)

  2. Set selector valve to: Backwash.

  3. Turn system power on for 45 seconds.

  4. Turn system power off.

  5. Set selector valve to: Rinse.

  6. Turn system power on for 20 seconds.

  7. Repeat steps 1-6 two more times (for a total of 3 times) and then turn system OFF.

  8. Set system to FILTER and turn system on. As soon as water is circulating through system add 5 pounds of D.E. powder into the skimmer.

Manual Filter Cleaning Instructions


Your D.E. filter should be cleaned manually once a year and any time the pool has gotten cloudy or green to the point that the bottom cannot be seen.  It is recommended that a backwash be performed according to the directions above (with the exception of step 8) prior to beginning the manual filter cleaning instructions below.

  1. Turn system off (no water circulation).

  2. Remove the 1.5” drain plug from the bottom of the filter and let the filter completely drain out (the filter is the large, tan, cylindrical tank with a band around the middle).

  3. Loosen the nut and remove the band around the middle of the filter.

  4. Use a water hose to clean all debris from around and in between the mesh grids.  Let everything run out of the drain hole in the bottom.

  5. Clean the O-Ring and the track around the middle of the tank, and make sure the O-Ring is seated evenly in the track.

  6. Set the lid back on the filter with the pressure gauge pointing the desired direction.  Replace the band and tighten the nut.

  7. Turn the system back on with the selector valve set to: Filter.  Open the air bleed assembly on top of the filter until water shoots out.  Close air bleed assembly.

  8. Put 5lbs of D.E. powder into the skimmer and leave system running for at least five minutes.

​Click here to view FAQs about filtering; select Filters from the drop down menu.