Homeowner Information Packet

  1. The light housing is waterproof and will not leak water when the water level goes above it when the pool is filling.

  2. Pets- from the day the vermiculite bottom is installed until the pool is full of water, it is very important that no pets are around the pool (damage done by pets can be costly to repair).

  3. Trash- the first two weeks we will generate a lot of trash.  It will be hauled off at scheduled points.

  4. Liner- please read Liner Information print out.  Click here to view current liner options.

  5. Dirt- second backfill will take place approximately one month after construction begins.  Any extra dirt left over from dig needs to stay on site until after the second backfill.

  6. Concrete- if using the concrete contractor that we recommend, they will set ladder, handrail, diving board, etc.  This cost is already factored into their concrete price.

  7. Salt- salt bags may be used to weigh down the liner during install.  Salt may take up to 24 hours to fully dissolve.  This will not damage liner.

  8. Heater- gas line must be installed by a licensed gas plumber.

  9. Safety cover- safety covers are installed in the fall or winter.  Your first pool closing is included with the purchase of a safety cover.