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Homeowner Info Sheet

  1. The light housing is waterproof and will not leak water when the water level goes above it when the pool is filling.

  2. Pets- from the day the vermiculite bottom is installed until the pool is full of water, it is very important that no pets are around the pool (damage done by pets can be costly to repair).

  3. Trash- the first two weeks we will generate a lot of trash.  It will be hauled off at scheduled points.

  4. Liner- please read Liner Information print out.

  5. Dirt- second backfill will take place approximately one month after construction begins.  Any extra dirt left over from dig needs to stay on site until after the second backfill.

  6. Concrete- if using the concrete contractor that we recommend, they will set ladder, handrail, diving board, etc.  This cost is already factored into their concrete price.

  7. Salt- salt bags may be used to weigh down the liner during install.  Salt may take up to 24 hours to fully dissolve.  This will not damage liner.

  8. Heater- gas line must be installed by a licensed gas plumber.

  9. Safety cover- safety covers are installed in the fall or winter.  Your first pool closing is included with the purchase of a safety cover.

Liner Information Information


  1. Please let pool fill overnight (unless you have been instructed differently) and call us (706 234 9294) at 8 am. If all your family members leave the house earlier than 8 am please call us BEFORE you leave the house to give us an update on the water level.

  2. Turn water OFF when it is 6" deep in the shallow end. There should be a piece of duct tape on the shallow end wall to mark this spot.

  3. Do NOT turn off or unplug the vacuum that is next to your pool until the water level is 6" above the floor of the shallow end.

  4. Read below information.

General Information

On the day Inground Pool Design installs your liner, the pool must begin filling immediately. We will use the hose and spigot that are closest to the pool. If a second spigot and hose reach the pool, this will most likely be turned on as well. Please make us aware in advance if a certain spigot is to be used, or avoided.  

Unless you are instructed differently, the pool will fill in two stages. It is essential that the first stage  be completed as quickly as possible. The first stage will be marked by a piece of gray duct tape. When the water reaches this tape, please call us @ 706 234 9294 and turn the water OFF. The duct tape will be stuck directly to your liner somewhere in the shallow area of the pool (usually near the steps) The tape will be approximately 6" above the floor of the shallow end. The water should fill all the sloped areas of the deep end and then begin to fill the entire area of the pool to a point that the depth of water is 6" in the shallow end of the pool. If we forgot to put the tape on the liner, please don't panic. Remember, fill pool until it is 6" deep in the shallow end and turn the water OFF. When we install the liner, we use a special vacuum to suck all the air out from behind the liner and this holds the liner in place (temporarily).  Do not, under any circumstances, turn off or unplug the vacuum before the water reaches the duct tape line. (it is fine to unplug it after the line is reached unless you have been instructed otherwise). In the event of a power outage, contact us ASAP and do not fill the pool with water while the power is out. Usually when the power goes out you will see wrinkles form in the liner as the suction from the vacuum subsides. Normally, when the power comes back on, all the wrinkles will smooth back out again with the renewed suction. In the event that we can not be reached immediately, Please make contact with us before beginning to fill the pool again after an outage, unless you are SURE the wrinkles are gone. (usually if there are any they are on the floor of the shallow end) Water pressure is the only thing that permanently holds your pool liner in place, and this is accomplished once the water is at the first stage mark (6" depth on shallow end floor).  

Once we receive the call that the first stage of filling is complete, we make plans to come to the pool and remove the vacuum, inspect the liner, install some jets and skimmer plates (usually), and then begin filling the pool again to complete the second stage. We normally leave the water on at this time and it should fill to the third screw up from the bottom on the skimmer plate. There are four screws going up the side of the skimmer plate and twelve screws total. The skimmer plate is the rectangular plate mounted to the inside of your pool near the top. (the liner may or may not be cut out of the hole yet). Please advise us if you will be out of town and no one will be home to monitor the water so we do not leave it filling and risk an overflow. Due to rising fuel and labor costs, and our seasonal busy schedule, we normally do not make a special trip to check on the water level, so if you are out of town, we suggest that you communicate by phone with a friend, family member or neighbor who could periodically check on the water level. If you are not using your phone while out of town, we would be glad to communicate with this person. Please be in contact with us if your pool is being built at a home that is under construction so we can plan who will check the water.

Quickly finishing both filling stages is crucial for everyone so that the job can remain on schedule and the pool can begin filtering ASAP.

Thank you for your business.